TEM's consignment process is easy. Bring your gear or bike to our shop during open hours. We will inspect your items and select outdoor gear, clothing, and bikes that have the best track record of selling in the shop. Outdoor gear, clothing, and bicycles that sell well will be high-quality, brand names, clean, functional, and relatively current technology.

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TEM will set the price for consignment gear and clothing based on market research, demand and our years of gear experience. TEM retains the right to discount consigned items over time until sold.

Consignment Tips

  • Clean your gear and wash clothing before consigning
  • Bring gear and clothing in that is season appropriate
    • Spring/ Summer April 1st to August 31st
    • Fall/ Winter September 1st to March 15th
  • Have reasonable expectations for value and sell through time
  • Limit consignment drop offs to no more than 50 items at a time
  • Fill out the consignment paperwork ahead of time
  • Check your online account regularly
  • Call ahead if you have large items like kayaks, canoes, etc

Ski and Snowboard Consignment

Ski and snowboard equipment must be current technology. Ski, snowboards, ski boots, and snowboard boots older than 8 years old will not be accepted. Ski bindings must be on the current season ski binding indemnification list.

Consigning Bikes

Bikes must be in safe working order. Our mechanic will inspect your bike and determine what repairs are needed prior to sale. Consignors will need to pay for repairs prior to the bike being sold on consignment.

Prefered Outdoor Clothing Brands

Patagonia, North Face, REI, Marmot, Prana, Arc'teryx, Smartwool, Ice Breaker, Mammut, Mont-bell, Mountain Hardware, Sierra Designs, Burton, Salomon, LuLu Lemon, Kavu, Khul, Marmot

Items not accepted for consignment

We do not take team sports items like soccer balls, hockey and football pads. Used bike helmets and used climbing ropes will also not be accepted for resale. 

Consignment policies at a glance. Please read the TEM consignment contract in full at the time of consignment or download the TEM consignment contract here. 

  • CONSIGNMENT RATES: Consignment rates are based on the final sale value of each item. Proceeds are split based on the consignment payout table. Consignors get an additional 10% in payout value if consignment funds are used for in-store purchases.
  • CONSIGNMENT PERIOD:  The consignment period is 90 to 150 days. At the sole discretion of The Extra Mile, consignors may request a 90-day consignment extension for unsold items valued at $100 or more.  
  • UNSOLD ITEMS: The consignor must pick up unsold items at the end of the 150-day consignment period. Unsold items not picked by the end of the consignment period will become the property of The Extra Mile.
  • PAYMENT: Consignors must request a payout in-store or via email. 
  • NOTIFICATIONS: The Extra Mile will not notify consignors regarding sold or unsold items, account status, or unclaimed funds. Consignors are responsible for monitor their account at extramilegear.consignoraccess.com.
  • PRICING: The Extra Mile will set an initial sale price based on condition, demand, sales history, and original retail price.  The Extra Mile has the right to reduce the price of consignment items at any time. Items will be marked down on a monthly or seasonal basis until sold.
  • CLEANING/ REPAIR: The Extra Mile only accepts consignments that are clean, functional, and contain all parts necessary for operation. Clothing and sleeping bags must be washed or dry cleaned prior to consignment. 
  • ADDITIONAL FEES: A credit card processing fee of 3% is deducted from the gross sale price prior to consignor payout.  Active consignor accounts are charged a $1 a month consignor access and administrative fee.
  • THEFT or DAMAGE:  The Extra Mile is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged consignment items.

View Consignment Contract Download Consignment Contract

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