TEM is glad to be your neighborhood bike shop in downtown Loveland, our experienced mechanic will be able to get you riding!

We are open--hours 10-6pm Tuesday to Saturday, or  you can... 

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Bicycle Service Menu


  • Wipe Down & Inspect Frame
  • Tires
  • All Hardware Torqued To Spec
  • Wheel/Hub Inspection
  • Grip Saddle Pedal Torque & Inspect


  • Wipe Down & Inspect Frame
  • Front & Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Front and Rear Brake Adjustment

(No Hydro Bleeds included)

  • Adjust Headset & Bottom Bracket
  • True Wheels
  • Inspection & Lube/Clean Chain
  • Re-tension & Lube Cables
  • Includes Labor To Install/Replace 1 Item

Extra Mile Tune $165 +$120 For Full Suspension Service

  • Full Bicycle Wash
  • Adjust & Overhaul All Bearings

(Hubs-Headset-Bottom Bracket)

  • Adjust Shifting & Braking

(Hydro Bleed Included)

  • Pro Wheel Truing

(Re-Dish/Re-tension If Needed)

  • Complete Disassembly & Cleaning Of Bicycle & Drivetrain
  • Replace Cables & Housings

(Parts Not Included)

Kris - Head bike mechanic with over 15 years of bike repair experience. Kris is passionate about community involvement with experience at two local bike co-ops. He is also an avid BMX rider and mountain biker and can be found hitting the local skatepark bowls or up at Horsetooth, riding Carey Springs to Sawmill. Kris will go the extra mile to explain to you what your bike needs and get you riding.

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